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FOR CLOSE TO A DECADE the name Christina Sikalias has been synonymous with makeup artistry and beauty, forging a career that’s taken her to all corners of the globe; working on some of the most coveted events and with high profile celebrities and brands. However, her story begins many years earlier.

BORN IN MELBOURNE, Australia in 1992, Christina was innately drawn to the fashion and beauty worlds from a young age; following the trends she saw in magazines, film and high fashion runways with fascination and a feverish passion. An artist by nature, she fostered this passion and desire to express her creativity through teaching herself makeup artistry. She fell in love with the power of makeup to both provide a transformation and bring out the natural attributes of the face. Never satisfied with meeting the beauty industry’s prevailing standard, what set her apart, even in the infancy of her career, was her drive for perfectionism and thinking outside the box. Her talent was quickly noticed in the fashion and beauty realms, where demand for her artistry grew, seeing her work with high profile fashion brands, publications and identities.

AS SHE CONTINUED TO EVOLVE within a changing industry, Christina gained international recognition, as a member of the NYX Awards judging panel in 2016, working with New York Fashion Week in 2017 and for E-Entertainment in Los Angeles in 2018, and receiving a nomination for Beauty Influencer of the Year in 2020. Her clientele quickly expanded to include not only her regular clients, but A-List celebrities, supermodels and musicians, and attracted sponsorship and collaborations from cosmetic brands globally.

CHRISTINA’S DESIRE TO SHARE HER PASSION and drive for all things beauty lead her to teaching, as a way of sharing her story, her knowledge of the industry, and developing hands-on artistry skills for both aspiring and established makeup artists. Through offering personal anecdotes and tips from her own journey of hard work, perseverance and dedication, Christina seeks to empower those hoping to follow in her footsteps. Hosted annually from 2016, Christina now runs one of the largest, live Makeup Masterclasses in Australia with plans to take her classes global in the near future.

CHRISTINA SIKALIAS. THE WOMAN, THE TALENT, THE ENTREPRENEUR AND NOW THE BRAND, was born from sheer determination, passion and knowledge of what it would take to create the trademark Christina Sikalias look.
The woman who is redefining perfection in artistry carefully researched ingredients to give the lustrous finish that everyone desires. Each colour and formula took years to create proving she is not one who cuts corners.
After many years this well respected beauty maven is now happy to share her first collection Luce Del Sole – a shimmeringly lustrous collection of five impeccable products destined to become favourites.
“This is only the beginning,” says Christina, “Get ready for the journey into limitless beauty.”

INNOVATION, VERSATILITY AND EASE of use are the cornerstone of every Christina Sikalias product. Exhaustive research into ingredients and formulations will always be the foundation of products.
" I would have waited another eight years if I had to in order to find the right manufacturer to produce the formulas I needed. My followers and supporters know this and respect me for never settling for second best,” says Christina.

Luce Del Sole is only the beginning.

Each product in the range harnesses the best of what beauty innovation can offer now and into the future. These products encapsulate pigments that have never been experienced before, pearls and essentials oils that provide unbelievable luminosity and powders that glide like a dream and shine bright. The products are about touch, feel and experience.
"I do not just want the product to look good; I need each product in my range to perform exceptionally, feel great on the skin and be at the forefront of the beauty industry. I diligently and exhaustively test, trial and experience each product after creating it. Nothing hits the counters without my tried and true tick of approval and my faithful supporters know and celebrate this,” explains Christina.

She adds excitedly that Luce Del Sole is just the cusp of what the brand will offer.